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The team is expanding for Chaumet Services Conseils!

We are delighted to inform you of the expansion of our team! Three new talents have recently joined our company, bringing with them fresh energy and a set of skills.

  • Alison joins our team as a mechanical fitter and brings expertise in automotive machining and bodywork. With 6 years of experience in automotive bodywork and 7 years of CNC machining, Alison will contribute her skills and be a valuable asset to the company.

  • Aporoni rejoins the team for another year of training in maintenance. With a CAP in electricity and recent experience as an intern in maintenance within the company, Aporoni will bring motivation and dynamism to the team.

  • Julien joins Chaumet Services Conseils as a communication and marketing development intern. Holding a BTS MCO, completed through internships in two different businesses, Julien will bring originality and creativity to handle the digital communication of the company.

Remaining team members:

  • Christophe Chaumet, the founder and leader of Chaumet Services Conseils for the past 7 years. With 28 years of expertise in CNC sharpeners with several internationally renowned machine manufacturers, Christophe continues to apply his extensive experience in the company's activities. He also has a talent for repairing anything, allowing him to serve as an industrial and commercial advisor and for troubleshooting.

  • Thierry, a loyal workshop manager, joined the team 2 years ago. He possesses multidisciplinary skills in mechanics, pneumatics, and electronics. Thierry brings his extensive expertise and 35 years of work in the maintenance sector, making him an indispensable asset.




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