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Rebuilt, troubleshooting and maintenance of Woodtronic machines

“We are experts in Woodtronic machines”

Woodtronic carbide saw blade sharpening machines, from the CNC sharpener manufacturer Walter (now Walter Maschinenbau) have established themselves on the market through their sharpening quality, ease of use and reliability.


They are still highly sought after on the market today because the simple models are controlled by a computer and automaton; Siemens, and the most recent ones are driven by a MMC103 or 840Di Siemens with cards Simodrive and three-phase servomotors.


C.S.C provides technical support to all users in France and abroad in Woodtronic sharpening machines: parts and maintenance. 


We know the machines inside and out;Woodtronic NC3, Woodtronic NC4, Woodtronic NC4-loader, Woodtronic CNC5, Woodtronic CNC5D, Woodtronic CNC6F, Woodtronic C4, Woodtronic C5, Woodtronic CNC5D Automation, Woodtronic CNC5D fast.


The models loader or Automation are with blade charger and offer operating autonomy unattended human at least 40 blades.


We intervene both for the annual maintenance, the emergency repair, the supply of detached pieces only for training,special programming of saw bladesgetting startedreconstruction of machines, modifications and adaptations.


Over the years we have structured our documents, our supplies of spare parts and our partners so that these machines, although no longer manufactured, can still give satisfaction to users.


More than 40 machines are in operation every day in France, and each year between 2 and 4 new machines arrive on the market.

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