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Troubleshooting and maintenance of all machines.

“The complement to after-sales service from machine manufacturers and your maintenance”

You can no longer afford to wait for the diagnostic and the arrival of the technician from constructor of your machine. These technicians have a high skill in your equipment but they are also rarely available and often very expensive.


C.S.C. positions itself as a complement to the customer service offer of the machine builders and industrial equipment ; we work hand in hand with your maintenance services. Due to our history we are naturally efficient in the sharpening machines (5 axis CNC, carbide blade machines, saw milling cutter machine),oil filtration;(Comat, Transor, Ruma, Vomat, Turbo-Separator..), from oil mist (mechanical or electrostatic) and but we also know how to transfer our skills to other types of equipment (CNC woodworking machines for example).


We offer high flexibility of intervention (night work, weekend troubleshooting, intervention on public holidays) and rapid response.


We offer annual services to build the machine repository, schedule preventive maintenance operations, anticipate with the manufacturers of the machines that equip your workshops. We are able to replace all or part of your maintenance services. We can be present when your machine arrives and assist with the training to then help you get started with the machine.


In many VSEs and SMEs these are machine operators who carry out maintenance operations even though they are neither trained nor authorized.  We are empowered to work on your equipment and insured for the work we do.


Some of your suppliers do not have technical representation in France; you must communicate in English or other languages. Our teams speak English fluently, and we can also provide support in Spanish and Italian.

We are also “the active hand” hot line technicians located on the other side of the world.


For the machines under warranty,we are commissioned by machine manufacturers whether at your request or that of after-sales service.

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