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Advice on suction and treatment of oil mist

Clean (+) air in the workshops

Examples of individual suction installations and treatment of electrostatic oil mist

“Diagnosis of your mist extraction installation”

The air pollution in companies is diverse and must therefore be combated through measures adapted to each context.

However, machine tool manufacturers can only offer standard devices that are suitable on paper for most users. Furthermore, these devices do not necessarily comply with the recommendations of the countries in which the equipment is ultimately in operation.

The quality of the oil, the type of work carried out, the climatic context, the machining speeds or even watering pressures will generate pollutant sizes that can range from several tens of microns to less than 0.5 microns (size of a virus).

Likewise, the concentration of these same pollutants will change from one company to another, from one manufacturing process to another.


We must therefore study each context to implement the right solution and work on the 3 typologies of air pollution that we encounter:dustfogs and fumes.


On request, we intervene alone or with the help of one of our partners to diagnose your entire installation and formalize the results of our expertise in a report.

We review the air quality, the compatibility of existing systems with equipment, air recycling, our recommendations for use and maintenance, etc.

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