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Care and maintenance of oil mist purifiers

“Men’s health above all”!

Under watering, your machines must be equipped with a oil mist purifier (or oil mist vacuum cleaner); first for the  health users but also for respect the environment.


Under whole oil the so-called “ electrostatic» is very often used on machine tools, notably the sharpeners and CNC grinding machines, because it offers high performance and little or no consumables.


This equipment must be regularly maintained to guarantee its effectiveness, at least once every 2000 working hours. Furthermore, the non-functioning of this equipment is not relayed to the machines, there is a strong risk of releasing polluted air into the workshop well beyond the authorized threshold which is 0.5 mg/m3 .


It is with this goal in mind that C.S.C. has developed a specific upkeep and maintenance activity for electrostatic purifiers.oil mist.


We carry out cleaning, control and tests on sending the cells and grids to our factory, or to your production site (when the quantity is large). We can also carry out air quality measurements confirming the quality of our work and the proper functioning of the device.


We are working with a recycling company to ensure that all cleaning and rinsing water is reprocessed in the best possible conditions.


We have a stock of spare parts(wires, grids, high voltage transformers, etc.) for purifiers such as DSLMistbusterACSElbaronLTAEnviroFilter... 


Our contracts may involve collection and delivery by us with immediate installation of a replacement set, cleaning overnight, weekends and public holidays or full operations at your production site.

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