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The PERFORMANCE of the Old: Fully Rebuilt Carbide Saw Blade Sharpener

A new WOODTRONIC NC4 machine entirely rebuilt to new!

Rebuilding sharpening machines is now one of the specialties of Chaumet Services Conseils. The machines deliver performance comparable to current models, with additional enhancements for ease of use, maintenance, and longevity.

In summary, it's about proven, efficient, and durable older machines at the cost of used equipment.

Technical Description:

Digital machine for the simultaneous face and back sharpening of carbide circular saw blades.

Working range: for manual loading, diameter from 80 to 850 mm, bore starting from 10 mm.

Tooth profile: all shapes, including special profiles.

Key Features:

  • Industrial PC with standard Siemens controller

  • Electrostatic oil mist extractor

  • Software for all types of tooth profiles, including special profiles

  • Electrical cabinet air conditioning (optional)

The machine has always operated with oil and is visible in our premises.

Installation, on-site training, and after-sales service support are provided by Chaumet Services Conseils in French or English.

Chaumet Services Conseils manages around 70 Woodtronic Walter machines in France and neighboring countries.


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